Simple Email Forwarding

Who we are

410.co.za is a product of DigiMedic.

DigiMedic provides onsite and remote desktop support services to small businesses and individuals.

We, ourselves, were constantly frustrated by having to spell out email addresses over the phone, not to mention the wasted time in doing so.

So we came up with the simple idea of email forwarding, from an easy to remember, and easy to hear address.


But is it safe?

We do not store any emails or addresses, so you can be rest assured that your private information is safe. This is a forwarding service so there are no mailboxes as such in which emails can be stored or accessed. The email arrives and is bounced immediately.


what does it cost?

Nothing - Nada - Niks - Free - Gratis!

What we offer

Tired of having to spell out your email address over the phone, only for the person on the other side to mistake an "m" for an "n" or an "s" for an "f"? Does it take too long to spell it out in military format, like A for Alpha, C for Charlie etc?

410.co.za provides a simple email forwarding service to help make your life a little easier, specifically when reading your email address to someone over the phone.

We use only numbers in our email addresses, and we recommend using the last 4 digits of your cellphone number when creating a forwarding address, so that it will be an easy address to remember when giving it over the phone.

When you create a forwarding address with us, just let us know your unique 4-digit number, along with your primary email address. Once your forwarding address has been created, the next time your need to read out your email address over the phone, give them your new 410.co.za forwarding address and see how much easier it is.

As an example, instead of having to spell out "" in the format of "M for Mike, A for Alpha, R for Romeo...etc", just say "my email address is ". When you receive the forwarded email, you can just reply to it and they will receive your normal email address.

Numbers are heard better than letters, especially over the phone.